In 2015, we handed members of our exclusive investment network a cumulative return of 237% while the JSE delivered a dismal 2%

That's why I believe

Ignoring this article could be the COSTLIEST MISTAKE you make in 2016

Read on to discover how YOU can join these members and reap similar investment returns in 2016

Why I’m proud to head up The South African Investor team

I’m Aiden Sookdin. The Managing Editor of The South African Investor.
Aiden Sookdin, Editorial Director 
I’ve fostered a passion for  making real profit opportunities available to everyone – not just the elite or super rich. 
Now before joining the South African  Investor team, I worked with big financial corporates in fancy headquarters in the heart of the major money centres of Johannesburg and Sandton.   
During this time, I had the opportunity to interact with some of the wealthiest people in the country. I saw first-hand how fat-cat executives sat around big boardroom tables in their designer clothes, drove around in big fancy cars and lived in massive houses while the beneficiaries of the funds they managed and their employees, worked tirelessly day in and day out for a pittance.
And I just knew I couldn’t stand by and watch the rich get richer... I couldn’t ignore the calling to help people like you build wealth for themselves.
As we speak, the super-rich are privy to forbidden money-making secrets you know nothing about. Secrets they learn from regular meetings with and whispers in the shadows by those who’ve made it their mission to stockpile their wealth. And trust me, they guard these secrets closely. 
But I believe, the secrets to real wealth should be accessible to everyone. 
This is why I jumped at the chance to head up the team behind The South African Investor. I want to access the information stored in the brightest and most knowledgeable financial minds and deliver that valuable information, neatly packaged, to you…
And when you agree to take up a trial membership to The South African Investor absolutely risk-free today, I’ll give you access to the type of game-changing info the ultra-rich have access to. 

I’m on a mission to break the silence on the best ways to make money!

And joining me on this crusade is:

Investment Director, Francois Joubert:
Francois is FSP Invest’s resident small-cap guru and editor of the renowned Red Hot Penny Shares service. Francois is also a highly experienced mining industry analyst. His passion lies in finding value in the small-cap and commodity arena and helping you exploit it.
Forex and Currencies Expert, Timon Rossolimos:
Timon is an expert trader. With over a decade's experience playing the markets, his particular passion lies in exploiting the fast-paced world of Forex. He’s a whiz at detecting what’s happening in local and international markets and finding currency plays to profit from them.
Professional Property Investor and ALSI Trader, Igor Markowitz:
Since buying his first property investment in 2003, Igor has built a property empire of close to 50 properties. His passion? Showing members why investing in property is the ultimate part-time retirement income stream.
Executive Director of the World-Renowned Bonner and Partners, Will Bonner:
Will is a world-renowned wealth creation expert who regularly writes about family governance. With his help, you’ll discover the ins and outs of how to pass your fortune on to your family.
Prominent SA Economist, Chris Hart:
You’ve probably seen Chris on TV and heard him on the radio where he regularly shares his views on both local and global economic trends and their impact on our stock and property markets. Chris is a master at uncovering the events that present the biggest threats and opportunities in the investment environment at any given time.
Hedge Fund Manager and macro-economist, Kevin Wides
Kevin is a respected fund manager who manages billions of rands across serval continents. His hands-on financial market experience will help you grow your own portfolio for years to come.
Investment Analyst, Joshua Benton
Joshua Benton is the newest Research Analyst to join The South African Investor team. He’s also a regular contributor to leading investment publications such as Money Club, Money Morning, Stock of the Month and Fast-track Millionaire. Joshua’s skill lies in finding ways to make money in simple, yet completely unconventional, ways.
Plus, you’ll also hear from:

  • A Wall Street veteran with over 25 years’ experience as a research analyst, investment advisor, financial writer and portfolio manager
  • A private banking expert, who’s helped hundreds of clients establish their own private and protected bank accounts in the world’s top tax havens.
  • And dozens of other industry experts

Dear prospective member,
If the past few years are anything to go by, 2015 was challenging for investors.
Think I’m wrong?
Well, the economy’s already started the year on the back foot…
First, because we’re dealing with the economic backlash of Eskom’s 2015 load shedding nightmare and the proposed 17% electricity price increase required in 2015 to 'solve' the problem. 

To add to the rocketing inflation, 2015 has seen South African farmers and citizens battle the worst drought we've experienced in decades - we're only just staring to see the affects of the resulting food shortages and inevitable price incrases in our grocery baskets.
Then, there’s the depressed rand. It continues to inflate the price of imported goods. Making it harder for SA businesses to survive, and making South African citizens poorer in global terms every day.
And let’s not forget the disastrous financial repercussions 2015’s prolonged mining and postal strike season will continue to have on the market.
Or the fact that the South African Reserve Bank has raised interest rates and personal taxes have climbed again in 2015. In 2016 we can look forward to even more new taxes - such as the proposed Wealth and trust taxes, and even a VAT increase too.
In short, threats to your wealth and financial security are everywhere.

But, there are some extremely profitable opportunities out there too!

IF you play things right.
Opportunities like:

Because, at times like these, you MUST act decisively.
And reading this letter will help you do just that.
If, on the other hand, you choose to leave things to your financial advisor, sit back, assume everything will be ok and let things drift, I guarantee it will be the costliest mistake you make this year.
And you definitely don’t want that!
But if you choose to take control of your money today, I promise to give you EVERYTHING you need to get your investments in shape for 2015.
Not only to survive what 2016 has in store – but so you can use the opportunities that DO exist to your advantage too. 
Because today:

I’d like to connect you with the most knowledgeable movers and shakers in the country

At my disposal, I have a vast “expert network” – made of both local and international investment experts from around the world – who regularly hand me insider intelligence to where the smart money is moving.
Each month, I work closely with these investment gurus and share the profit-exploding, information they uncover with the members of an exclusive investor club known as The South African Investor.  
Because I know that each time a lucrative investment opportunity raises its head, there’s always someone at the forefront who knows about it early enough to maximise their profits.
And I want YOU to be one of them.
But don’t worry, this doesn’t mean we’re risk chasers.

In fact, the secret to our members’ success – success which, as I mentioned earlier, included a massive 237% cumulative gain in 2015 – is that we don’t believe in chasing trendy stocks or taking undue risks.

Instead, here at The South African Investor, we follow a tried and true strategy. We focus on high-yielding income investments, momentum stocks, special precious metal opportunities, undervalued market plays and many more lucrative – but extremely safe – investments.
And trust me when I say that my hand-picked team of experts back all of them with in-depth research before I even think about releasing it to you.
We also give our members access to:

In short, my team of investment experts and I have the information you need to set yourself on a clear and simple path to making serious money this year.
And do you know what that means?
It means:

Instead, you’ll have access to a team who dedicates 100% of their time looking for investments and strategies that will actually help you make the most money you can – right now – regardless of what’s going on politically or economically.
It’s this foresight that our members have trusted us to give them for over 15 years.
It’s this type of information that’s helped them thrive in virtually every market.
And why, as I write this, our open recommendations currently have an average per share gain of 21.88%.
And today, I’m inviting you to reap the benefits. 

If you only do one thing to make your 2016 more profitable – make it THIS!

 Act NOW, and I guarantee you’ll be on the list when we send it out.
Then, sit back and let our experts guide you towards the stocks, markets and other investment opportunities they believe could make you a fortune in the New Year.
Investments with a very real chance of outshining the JSE’s return. Investments that could make 237% cumulative gain we handed members at the end of last year look like child’s play. 

Plus, if you join now I’ll also send you an exclusive report packed with what my team believes are the BEST opportunities to make sure your wealth increases in value – no matter what the market ends up doing.
In your FREE Profiting in Uncertain Times report,we’ll give you the names of these four bomb shelter shares. And show you why they’re poised for double- even triple-digit returns in the coming three years.
I believe this report alone could be the ticket to the type of wealth you’ve always dreamed of.
And I won’t stop there. 

As a new South African Investor member, I’ll also give you access to all our treasured investment secrets. 

Secrets like:

With the information we share in our Perpetual Income Report, you’ll start the year certain in the knowledge that you’ll collect 6 work-free cheques directly from JSE this year. And you’ll receive them no matter how well or badly the market... Or your portfolio... Performs. This secret is so safe, it may be the only investment strategy you’ll ever need.

In our unique Gone Fishin’ Report, we’ll hand you a powerfully simple strategy to make “serious money” – the money you need to live on in retirement – with ease. Based on a Nobel Prize winning investment concept, this strategy uses a powerful investing philosophy that works. In fact, members who put their money to work this way have enjoyed years of market-beating returns while taking next to no risk.
And still the opportunities keep coming.
You see I won’t just send you these reports and expect you to get on with things.
Every month, I’ll also send you our monthly South African Investor communique detailing the hottest market opportunities out there. This 12-page communique will tell what we’re researching right now… And exactly where to put your money so you can profit long before other folks even have a clue.
Plus, twice a year, I’ll invite you to join us for exclusive members’-only meetings.
Here, you’ll get to chat to my investment experts in person and hear their best money-making ideas first hand. If you have any questions about the stocks in our portfolio or concerns about the economy, simply ask our experts at these events – or at any time in the year using our direct access question service – and you’ll get the kind of one-on-one advice you’d pay a financial advisor a fortune for – absolutely FREE.
You’ll also receive our members’ only handbook. A report that not only outlines the three cornerstones to true wealth building, but explains everything you can expect from your membership.
I’m sure you’ll agree all this sounds very attractive.
But how much will it cost you to become a member?

Opportunity: Restricted

Reply before 30 April 2016 to secure membership and save 20% off 2016’s membership fee

With all these benefits, you may worry that membership fees are exorbitant. After all, what I’m offering you today is a chance to potentially make thousands – if not hundreds of thousands – of rand this year.

Fortunately, I’m currently offering membership to The South African Investor PLUS all the special reports I mentioned above at a special introductory price.

The reason?

Because I live by this one very simple philosophy:
You see, I believe that if you have a rand and I have a rand, and we exchange them, we still only have a rand each. But if you know of an investment opportunity, and I know of an investment opportunity, and we exchange them, now we’ve doubled our opportunities each.

And that’s why today, I’m offering you membership to this exclusive network at the special price of R100 per month for the first year.

That’s a saving of 20% off the normal monthly membership. And works out to just over R3 a day!

(Frankly, that’s embarrassingly cheap – especially for an organisation with a heritage of success like ours. But it’s also the very best way I can be sure you check out whether membership is right for you.)
But I must warn you…

You can’t delay.

After all, how much did your investment return in 2015 so far? 10%? 20%?

South African Investor members made 237%!

And that’s why you MUST act.

Here’s a recap of what your membership includes:

For starters, you’ll get the four free, start-up reports I told you about:

1.    Profiting in Uncertain Times: Four bomb shelter shares poised for double, even triple digit returns in the coming three years
2.    The Perpetual Income Report
3.    The Gone Fishin’ Report
4.    Your Member’s Handbook
Then, every month I’ll send you the very best wealth-making, wealth-protecting ideas my team of local and international experts uncover via your monthly South African Investor communique. 

(Remember, it’s the opportunities we revealed in these reports and communiques that handed our members a 237% cumulative gain last year. That means, if you followed our buy, hold and sell recommendations, your portfolio would be up a staggering 237%!)
Plus, to sweeten the deal, you’ll also get:
FREE Access to Members’-only Meetings: Here you’ll meet remarkable people who are otherwise shy of publicity, make some extremely valuable contacts and learn a lot of exceptional financial information.
FREE Premiere Investor Reports: Sometimes an opportunity arises that deserves special attention. These aren’t everyday plays. They’re unusual investments that can catapult your portfolio practically overnight. In these rare cases, my experts will rush you an urgent investor report with full details, so you can profit right away.
FREE Members’-Only Website Access: I’ll also give you access to The South African Investor membership website where you can find all our past issues, reports and portfolio holdings so you don’t waste a single minute you could be making money.
All for just R100 a month!

  Become a Member Today!

We’re only successful if our members are successful!
And I want to prove that to you

I really don’t think I can say or do anything to make it any easier – or more attractive – to convince you to join.
But in case you have any lasting doubts, let me make one last suggestion.
Go ahead and join right now. I’ll immediately send you each of the promised reports and give you full access to all The South African Investor member benefits. 

Then, take your time to try us out.

Because, the great thing is, if at any time over the next 60 days you feel The South African Investor isn’t right for you, I’ll give you a full refund. Plus, you can keep everything I’ve sent you so far – including the reports – as a thank you for putting us to the test. That’s like trying out our research for FREE for a whole 60 days!
That all the time I need to prove that everything in this email is true.

And while, I can’t say for sure whether membership to The South African Investor is what you’re looking for, there’s one way to find out…

Simply click on the button below, go to our secured membership sign up page and put us to the test for the next 60 days. 

  Become a Member Today!

This could be the most important financial decision you make in 2016 – in fact, ever

The way I see it, you have two choices with your money this year.
You can keep it in regular stocks or unit trusts – which, studies show, only beat the JSE’s return (a dismal 2% last year) a third of the time…
OR you can decide to join us. A decision that could just hand you the kind of 237% (or more) return our members made last year. A decision that could help you enjoy years of wealth and security.
I hope you make the right choice!

Let’s build your wealth together in 2016,

Aiden Sookdin
Editorial Director of The South African Investor

  Become a Member Today!

PS: The sooner you join, the sooner you’ll reap the benefits these members are already enjoying
Members like Mr G Fritz. He’s been with us for seven years and says:

“The South African Investor helps me in my investing by providing info on risk in the current world economic environment. Without The South African Investor I would have certainly made costly mistakes.”
Or Mwamba Thierry, who tells us:
“I feel connected by The South African Investor to the world of great wisdom.”
Or E. Luppnow who has this to say:
“It gives me timely advice on new investments and I have had good growth by following the buy and sell advice I have received. It is clear that the recommendations are well researched.”
And then there’s Trevor Wilkock:
“The South African Investor helps me in my investing by giving early warnings of impending disasters! Good recommendations on which shares to buy and info on alternatives to equity investing.”
Take up your risk-free membership today, and I guarantee you’ll soon be writing me letters like these.
PPS: If you’ve read this far, it’s clear you want to get your money affairs in order
Don’t let that New Year energy and drive dissipate.
Follow through on your desires! Make 2016 your most profitable year yet. Join us today!

  Become a Member Today!

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That means I pay just R100 per month for the first 12 months of my membership. Thereafter, I'll pay the official publisher’s price of R125.

My 100% 60 day money back guarantee

I understand if I’m not 100% sure the research the South African Investor team sends me can help me grow and safeguard my wealth in 2016 and beyond, I can simply let you know in writing within the first 60 days for a full refund of my purchase price. This is my 100% money-back guarantee. The free reports are mine to keep no matter what I decide!

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